08 september 2013

Tutorial: Chocolate packaging with tear-Zipper

Chocolate packaging with tear-Zipper


1 Cardstock - must not break!
Prickpen - or perforating Stampin up - or pouncing on cutter
double-sided tape
metric folding board (with centimeters)


A piece of cardstock cut / fold as follows:
Fold in: 1 cm, 2 cm, 6 cm, 18 cm, cut at 21 cm. Turning so that the folding top and are 1 cm back as follows:
Cut at 5 cm, then at 12 cm and 17 cm.
The first two inches at 4 and 13 cm fold. See picture - this is the future zipper.
Now, on the down-recorded piece of paper, which are provided with slashes, cut away.

So should look like in your cardstock. Now you need your perforating / prickling pin

 Perforate after 1 to 2  centimeters.

 The first centimeter provided with an adhesive strip, put chocolate on the surface and seal it hitting the right and left with double sided tape, stick the bottom in conclusion via the two sides and also tape up the lid.

 If you've done it right, then should look like this:

Now just decorate the front and you are done.
If you imitate this workshop, I ask you to link here. Thank you.
Big hug
Andrea Emmi41

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